Intuitive Manifesting Sessions

Image 2-13-16 at 7.40 PMI use several methods to help people create the life they want. Initially I look at their chart to see what energies are influencing them at this time. Our first session will be an intuitive evaluation as to where the person is in their life and how that aligns with what they want to manifest.   Following this we will set out some goals, plans of how to achieve them and by what means.

The tools I use are:

Tapping into the energy streams/points of the body. I do intuitive talking and tapping sessions, to help you shift the paradigms of your thoughts and allow you to bring forth into your life what you have been wishing for.

Journeying to release energy that is stuck within the body creating repetitive thoughts, actions and/ or illness. This is hugely helpful to let go of an emotional experience that is governing your thought patterns and stopping a positive shift from occurring .

I use a technique to understand why you haven’t been able to manifest what you have want in the past.

I will help you to understand the areas that are easiest  for you to manifest in and give you the times within a day when you have a build in portal to connect with the divine universal energy.  These are powerful times, set forth within your astrological chart, to assist you with your ‘connection’.

Sometimes during a session I will use or recommend essential oils that resonate with your wellbeing and that help with concentration, healing emotions, grief and connecting within yourself.

I work with children, teens and adults who need to help with direction and what steps need to be taken to achieve their goals.

I help students achieve academic results and deep self understanding

If you have a goal, let’s go and get it for you.

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