Astrology Reading


I truly believe one of the greatest things you can do for yourself is have an astrology reading.  This atunes you to the energies you where born with and helps you to understand why you are like you are and why you make the choices you do.  With this very personal information you can create abundance, ease of mind, and strength of character.  The earlier you have this celestial knowledge – this map that was written for you to interpret – the sooner you can start creating a life you love.

  • Understand what energetic influences you were born with
  • Use this Qi to direct you into a life you are happy living
  • Let the yearly energies guide you on what you should be concentrating on
  • Ask the chart to show you where you can obtain prosperity
  • Find out when you are most likely to meet your mate
  • Learn what is shaping the way you think and therefore what you bring into your life

There are several readings you can request. The best to start with is a natal reading. This creates energy from which to build upon and guides you to fulfill who you are.

You can request a yearly reading. This explains to you what Qi/energy is entering your life – meaning what experiences you are likely to encounter on a given year and how to respond and capitalize on these energies.

You can order a reading for a baby or child. This is a very helpful reading to a parent.  It gives them a tool to understand the inner workings of their child and what energies are influencing them from birth.  This information can be used over a life time and is commonly requested in the East to assist parents in understanding their child’s gifts and how to steer that child towards living a happy, fulfilled and productive life.

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