Use alchemy to harmonize your home

Yin and YanEvery building has its own unique footprint of energy. Using 2 ancient forms of Divinity – Feng Shui & Astrology – you can create a unique alchemy of Qi within your space.  This technique allows you to tap into the exact locations of your house that resonate with the energies when you were born.   Next you combine this energies with the 4 Noble energies of a given year.   This combination of  manipulating Qi can really propel your life forward. It can harmonize when things are out of balance.  It can create a space of calm where magic can take place.   Be it an increase in wealth, health, general happiness, spiritual achievements, relationships, studies..  all of this can happen once the locations of the Qi have been identified.

Now comes the activating of the Qi.  This is done predominately with Fire & Water, however, you can also use crystals, salt, noise, metal.   You may want  to change the location of computers, study or work material, beds, desks, rooms, photos and other personal items.  These are all great things to do.  These changes can be addressed in layers on chosen ‘great days’.  What is necessary at the beginning is Fire & Water and the principles on where to put them.  There are certain days and certain times when an activation is amplified. These is very important if you want to really shake things up.

For this alchemy I will need your birth date, time and place, a floor plan and the compass degree of the front of your home.   You can email me at if you need help working this out and to discuss what kind of assistance you need.

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