Why I love doing my job – because I want everyone to know themselves (justknowthyself).

I truly believe that if everyone knew who they were, what their beliefs were, what they wanted, then we all would be living in a much happier life.  Balanced energies change everything on a Quantum Field level – as we know from physics – it only takes changing one part of an equation to complete change the outcome.. I believe this about people’s lives too.

We make decisions every day that direct the path our life’s will take… one choice made in haste, without thought to an unimportant event and our lives change and we land up somewhere completely different from where we thought we would. This is what I want to convey to people – that it’s all about choices.  I want to help everyone make the right choices for their lives. Not anyone else’s life, but their own. Of course you have to take in to account their whole environment in order to see how quick or slow the changes they want are likely to take place. Here is where I use my knowledge of both Chinese and Western Astrology. Consulting both gives me a higher probability of understanding what is really driving the person, why they want the particular outcome so badly, what is hindering the situation and what will assist it. Everyone needs to have encouragement and belief that the changes they are trying to make will come to fruition. I do this through my intuitive coaching. The goal is to get into a natural rhythm with ourselves all of the time. Hearing, Feeling or seeing the answers that are there for us within every moment. Follow this with conscious thought and decision making and we enter a whole different arena of making our dreams come true and creating the life we want.