The information provided on this website is the direct result of years of study and gathering of information worldwide for the personal use of Justine Bartleywood.  Her continued effort to enhance every natural ability within all living things has always been at the front of her mind.  All these experiences and continued learning has helped herself, family, friends, and thousands of acquaintances improve their quality of life, rendering support through their changes and turning their situations around.  It was obtained through personal experience, years of travel and study, as well as a lifetime of learning from training intensives, lectures, courses and basically applying what worked and  ‘walking the walk’.

There are no long letters behind her name indicating a particular expertise in the fields of health, mind, nutrition, essential oils etc., merely 30+ years of intense focus on how we can master our minds, incorporate what nature has provided us, focus and change our surroundings, improve our quality of life, and enhance what we already have to love who we are.

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy; the information herein whether written or spoken is not guaranteed to be for every person due to the wide variances of requirements every individual has.  By reading, listening, hiring her services or implementing any of her suggestions, you are taking full responsibility for the support of your own body, mind, healing abilities and decision making.

The owner and compiler of this website is a sound believer in the innate healing power of the mind & body and its capacity to create and support change.  She believes that each and every human being has it’s own particular nuances to it’s needs and while there are many generalized needs, there are always nuances to the application and use of energy work, and health tools (for the mind or body) in each individual case.  How any given mind or body responds to a particular change in habit, be it essential oils, dietary, astrological information, applied energy work etc., will vary.


The suggestions, experiences, opinions and information contained in this website herein have NOT been evaluated by ANY three-lettered federal, state or local agency.  Therefore, if you are ill, have a disease, are pregnant, or just seeking to improve your health and mind, I am required to suggest that you go to a medical doctor as it is not legal for me to suggest how you might improve your health or life by supporting your body and minds own innate healing abilities.

The information contained herein is neither provided nor intended in any way to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, illness or injured condition of the mind or body.  Further more, although there are referrals and recommendation to support  and create change neither the compiler of this document, nor the maker or this website, assume any responsibility for the reader’s choice of use.  If you are suffering from any disease, illness or injury, its it recommended that you contact a healthcare professional.